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Our purpose is to present provocative insights into achieving peak endurance performance.
It explores the factors that limit endurance sports, the mechanisms that result in these factors,
and ways you can improve your personal endurance performances.
This site will be concentrating on middle- to long-distance running and cycling events.


Phil Running up Pikes Pk in 1978

Phil Running Pikes Pk in 1981

What limits endurance performance?

First, dig into these summary sections about enhancing performance.
They focus on identifying the discomforting factors limiting
endurance performance, how our constant self-talk can be
harnessed, planning ahead, and integrating all of this.
Each section uses either personal experience
(like running a half marathon up Pikes Peak)
or compilations from recent research.
They will reveal the mechanisms that can lessen these factors
and, therefore, tools we can use to enhance our running
and cycling.

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Want up-to-date research about endurance performance?

Then, explore in-depth articles about specific factors limiting performance and how to deal with them.
Each article reviews a limiting factor, like sensations of fatigue (the article may build on
not so recent model like below
), or like altered motor unit activity;

1976 Symptom Model

Fatigue Symptoms Model (Kinsman & Weiser , 1976)

these articles will include our critique and may have comments from others.
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