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Philip C. Weiser, PhD, FACSM Emeritus: Phil says, “I want to thank my parents not only for my ‘smarts’ and also for 80% of my ability to becoming a national class distance runner. My personal record for running a mile is 4 minutes 15 seconds and for a marathon is 2 hours 29 minutes.  Also I am grateful for my academic mentors: Robert Bruce, MD; Loring Rowell, PhD; Henry L. Taylor, PhD; Francisco Grande, MD; Ancel Keys, PhD; and Ernst Simonson, MD. Ron Daws, a member of the 1968 U.S. Olympic Team was an awesome distance running mentor, and my research about endurance performance would have gotten very far at all without being in partnership with Patrick Hannon, PhD; Robert A. Kinsman, PhD, David Stamper, MS, Arthur Dickinson, PhD; and Robert Robertson, PhD. And I am learning how to be semi-retired with Anne Ream, an Art Therapist here in Philadelphia that is a home base for visiting our four children, and their spouses and eight grand-children.


Robert Robertson, PhD
Dane Cook, PhD
and others to be announced as answers to recently sent invitations are received…

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