The Power of Self-Talk

We all talk to our selves. Each one of us is involved in a continuous internal dialogue. A key presumption that we make in articles on this site is that throughout an event, be it a training session, time trial, or, a race, the endurance performer continually processes information using, more-or-less, a series of questions.

One likely series might be: “On pace?” “May be a bit too fast.” “What’ll be the six-mile split?” “Ah, 36 plus minutes!” “Wow, not too fast [ahead of preplanned time of 37 min].” Or consider another: “Tired?” “Very” “Tiredness okay?” “Yup” “Keep on?” “Yes and just run through this pain barrier!” (Read More…)

This article will explore how we use our internal dialogue to make or break setting a personal record or to stick with your aerobic fitness program. First, let’s explore how self-talk happens. Second, awareness will be discussed in the framework of attention and consciousness giving us focused awareness. Third, how do we deal with a negative internal dialogue and replace it with positive self-talk. Finally, the uses of self-talk will be summarized, and tricks will be shown that will allow up to maximize our endurance performance
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