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For Endurance Athletes, Is Stretching Counter-Productive?

March 10th, 2015

SUMMARY:  “In general, dynamic stretching before you train and static stretching after you train is a great way to warm[-]up and cool[-]down. By taking the time to warm[-]up and stretch before any workout, you’ll minimize the chance of injury.” (Obadike, 2014)

Professor: In addition, here are some myths revealed by questions in a column by Sonya Collins (2014). She wrote,

  • “Do any of these lines sound familiar?”
  • “You have to hold a stretch [for a long time]to get the benefit.
  • “Don’t bounce in the stretch — you’ll tear your muscle.
  • “If you don’t stretch before a workout, you’ll hurt yourself.”
  • And she replied, “Well, they’re all wrong. But first, there’s a bigger question to answer”

“Do You Need to Stretch at All?”

Student: It sounds like she is really asking, “Is stretching okay?” Or is she questioning, “is stretching counter-productive?”
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