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“It’s getting hard to breathe”: Six Processing Stages From Mismatch to Symptom Report – Part 2

March 10th, 2014

Professor:  This post will continue following someone experiencing a mild pulmonary inspiratory obstruction, like putting on a surgical mask to reduce symptoms of asthma in cold weather. In this post, we will discuss:

  • switching attention from being fully alert; to
  • planning, selecting, and activating motor responses.

Student: What about:

  • consciously detecting and recognizing this event, choosing a verbal description, scaling it, and using the scaled words to report our level of dyspnea.

Professor: Regrets, it’s snow time out here in Pennsylvania, and that discussion will now be in Part 3, the final post of this series.

Student: As a model, we used Figure 5 of Menon & Uddin (2010) with their five stages for processing sensory input and attentional control. The sixth stage we will add about Subjective Report.

Professor: And, what processes were covered during Stages 1 – 3? Click link to read more