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The Sensory Gate is Real

October 29th, 2013

Student: Where have you been?

Professor: Well, I’ve gotten lost deep in the forest of pulmonary physiology. So, for dyspnea described as ‘breathing too deeply’, let me list the paths I’ve covered:

  • Starting along the path from the brainstem respiratory centers ,
  • through phrenic spinal cord motoneuron,
  • and the contracting diaphragm;
  • then traveled from its tendon organs up their afferents,
  • passing the C4-C5 dorsal root ganglia to external cuneate nucleus,
  • and to ventral posterior lateral thalamic nuclei (VPL),
  • that acts as a gate for sensations,
  • so that only some can become respiratory perceptions.

Student: Wow, what a sensory gating trip. I’m guessing you could go on talking for hours!

Professor: I sure could, and instead, a short, annotated reference list will do.

1.      Ventroposterior thalamus and somatosensory gating

Professor: Evidence #1 for Sensory Gating:

a.      Some individuals seem to be flooded more by background sound than others:

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