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Oops I forgot, and I must reconnect to THE BREATH

August 1st, 2013

Student: Today my asthma lots of wheezing, and I was really terrible at meditating, at focusing on my breath.

Professor: You were focused on wheezy breathing, eh? That must have been very distracting.

Student: Yeah. I kept on thinking of using my ‘PUFFER’ instead of ‘THE BREATH’.

Professor: Sorta sounds like:

  • “Mind wandering and attention during focused meditation”,
  • That’s the title of an intriguing article by Hasenkamp et al. (2012).

Professor: They analyzed distributed neural networks used by meditators who would notice their mind wandering and then switch their mental activities back to theirbreathing. Shall we look into their main results?

Student: Yes, let’s do that.

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