Beginning Objectives for 2013

February 6th, 2013 by Phil Weiser Leave a reply »

Here is what is planned for this website for the beginning of 2013:

First, this is the list of next blog Posts:

  1. What is/are the Primal locomotor initiator(s)? And where is it/are they located?
  2. Does the recruitment of spinal interneurons increase according to the motorneuron cell size principle?
  3. How are the recruitment of muscle patterns, i.e., muscle synergies, involved for postural changes during locomotion? Is the midbrain reticular formation or basal ganglia directing any change in motor pattern selection?
  4. What senses muscle force exerted during locomotion? What senses pain? What senses exertion especially during high intensity sport?
  5. How does the estimation of the sense of force, pain, exertion, and effort become reported?  And how is exertion sense used in producing a specific work rate?
  6. What increases the rating of perceived exertion (RPE) during a constant work rate? Is the mechanism related to the Central Governor Model?

Second, the increase in RPE(Delta RPE) will be explored as a Critical Limiting Factor for prolonged endurance. That is, is Delta RPE a Critical Limiting Factor? Or, what are associated with Delta RPE that are Critical Limiting Factors? Also, this means an updating of the background Pages about Limiting Mechanisms, and in the process of updating, perhaps writing a Review Page about Delta RPE and Critical Limiting Factors.

Third, preparations will be made for the next series of blog Posts exploring the mechanisms for pain and fatigue.

Fourth and last, steps will be taken for improving the sharing of this website’s Pages and Posts.


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